About Marc Singer

Marc Singer (September 4, 1949 to present) is an American artist and musician. A native of Los Angeles, California, Marc currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska. As a studio musician, he performed on eleven Grammy-nominated and two Grammy-winning records over his 50 year career. More recently, Marc has embarked on a new career as an Impressionist and portrait artist.

From early childhood, Marc had an interest in art, particularly the Impressionist artists, and he names Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, John Singer Sargent, and Paul Cezanne as among his favorites. However, several decades would pass before he would pick up a brush and start painting. P.J. Morrison, a well-known Omaha artist and silversmith, told Marc that she sensed that he had been an artist in a previous life. In 2013, she presented him with a Christmas gift of eight brushes and 20 tubes of oil paint, and by February of 2014, they were spending their weekends painting.

Marc and P.J. turned to the Internet for tips and tutorials. His knowledge of artists grew as a result, and he developed a deep admiration for the work of James Coleman and the generous portrait artist David Gray. David not only shared his beautiful paintings, but the techniques he used in creating them. Marc was fascinated, and would often spend as long as 24 hours straight watching the videos and painting. The hard work paid off, and only two years into his new career, his work, “The Ballerina,” took First Place in the Omaha artist competition at Mangelsen’s. As a result, he was awarded the opportunity to further his training in oil painting at the world-renowned Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.

His current portfolio of original works reflects his broad travel, interests, and experiences, and includes portraits, street scenes, Mediterranean villas, and scenic sites.